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 Howdy! New in town

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PostSubject: Howdy! New in town   Howdy! New in town Icon_minitime18/09/13, 06:20 am

Hey! I ran across one of the videos for WDOW on youtube and wanted to give it a try! I have been looking for a new wolf related game to play, since WolfQuest had been nearly abandoned at this point as far as support goes, Feral Heart is just a little to packed (no pun inteded) and unrealistic, and most other simulations have no hopes of ever going online.
I see that this is an active community though and I'd like to offer whatever support that I can. I'm not much of a developer or programmer but I did work as a graphic designer and I still have my tablet, Paint Tool SAI, and PS6. Plus I might have other skills that may come in handy.
I don't mean to sound like I'm trying to push my way into the community, I just really want to see this game go far!!! The original WOLF doesn't run well on my computer but I've had enough of a taste of it to know that adding an online component could really revive it!

Whether I can help or not, best regards!
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PostSubject: Re: Howdy! New in town   Howdy! New in town Icon_minitime16/10/13, 03:17 am

Welcome to the community! :D I'm glad to hear the game is being recognized.
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Howdy! New in town
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