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 [LION] [TUTORIAL] Hex your Lion

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PostSubject: [LION] [TUTORIAL] Hex your Lion   14/07/14, 11:42 pm

If you donít know where to find you save look in a folder in your lion file called games mark as 0, 1, 2, 3 ect.

All hexes start from the first character of any of the lionís name.
The wolf hexes donít work for lion.
You can change the name of your lions but donít make them too long.

1. hunger 7 and thirst 6 Ė Ex F 00 - E 63 ;can't make it fully empty.
2. endurance 3 Ė Ex †F 0B - E 00
3. kill rating 17-24
4. kills 28-35
5. hidden kills 36-38 =hyena=cattle=people=
6. do not change this your save will disappear
7. your score
8. what the game calls your save
9. what you call your save
10. gender 12 - M 00 Ė F 01 ;will only work with one lion in the pride and off of auto.
11. Time of day
12.days you spent in game

This is what I found so far
p.s you can drop the hunger and thirst of the hyenas

Last edited by DecWill on 16/07/14, 05:33 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : even more hexing)
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PostSubject: Re: [LION] [TUTORIAL] Hex your Lion   15/07/14, 04:48 am

Very interesting! I'm writing the thing about the hyenas having hunger and thirst down in my hyena research thread :3 EDIT: what hex editor do you use?
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[LION] [TUTORIAL] Hex your Lion
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