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 Problem with 'Migrate your pack' scenario in the arctic region

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PostSubject: Problem with 'Migrate your pack' scenario in the arctic region   15/07/14, 06:28 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm having a problem completing the 'migrate your pack' scenario for the arctic region. The scenario's completion trigger does not seem to activate.

I got as far away from the den (until it read "very far", more than 100 screens away). And I encountered some animals to hunt. After saving/reloading (to fix the sprite glitch for that specific scenario), I waited until my pack caught up with me.

I tried many things to try to get the trigger to activate, including but not limited to: killing many different prey species with my entire pack present, I've tried to continue to run from the den (in the same direction as before), but then prey disappeared again. I seemed to have left a 'prey pocket'?

The scenario itself states that I have to migrate my pack to where more prey exists (paraphrasing). I did that.

What am I doing wrong? I have a video that I can upload, if it will help explain things.

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Problem with 'Migrate your pack' scenario in the arctic region
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