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 How to get WOLF in fullscreen

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How to get WOLF in fullscreen Empty
PostSubject: How to get WOLF in fullscreen   How to get WOLF in fullscreen Icon_minitime25/11/14, 04:55 pm

It's really annoying to have to play WOLF while looking at a tiny box, so here's a tutorial on how to get it fullscreen!

1. Open up the location of your game's file.
2. Find the .conf file called "dosbox".
3. Open it and scroll down until you find the line that says "fullscreen=false".
4. Erase "false" and write true.
5. Close and save the file.

There are other settings there you can adjust, such as screen resolution, but I wouldn't recommend playing around in the game's configuration too much unless you really know what you're doing. As far as I know, this also works for LION and any other DOSbox game, but I haven't tested it with anything besides WOLF.
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How to get WOLF in fullscreen
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