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 Dark Abyss

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PostSubject: Dark Abyss   26/08/15, 11:02 pm

Dark Abyss: Roleplaying Site
Looking For Staff

What is Dark Abyss?
Dark Abyss is an upcoming, role play based game developed on top of the Impressive Title source code. It is going to be a canine only game with the ability to select what breeds players desire based on models and markings. There are plans to have maps based on different biomes and packs. Players will have the ability to choose where to resign. There will be unique items to also customize your character with.

Will the game be multiplayer?
Of course it will be! You'll be able to chat with friends and RP.

When will Dark Abyss come out?
The release date is undecided, but it will be sooner than later!

Where can I join the Dark Abyss forums?

I have experience in making models, textures, etc., where can I go if I want to help add these to the game?

Right now, we are looking for people who are experienced, or at the very least have some experience in graphics design, modeling, creating markings or who know how to work with the Impressive Title source code.

I want to sign up to become a moderator for your forums/upcoming game where can I do this?

Current staff:
Head Administrator: Accailia.
Co-Administrator: Blaze.
Server Host: Skar.

Global Moderator(s): N/a.

Moderator(s): Kai, Thrillex (Game Moderator)
Developer(s): N/a.
Moderator in Training(s): N/a.

Please go take a gander at our forum, if interested! We won't bite. ^^
*Server is currently up and in testing! We are in the process of making new markings, editing the game, and maps! Dark Abyss is on its way!*
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Dark Abyss
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