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 How is everything?

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PostSubject: How is everything?   16/10/17, 05:11 am

The site looks kind off dead and was just wondering how active this community is? Also is the WOLF Online game still being developed or was just dropped? Currently I've been getting a lot of comments and questions about this game and lion from my youtube channel that I'm not active on anymore and plan on making a Guide on this forum. I will be including an installation tutorial and also just general mechanics of the game. I will be posting it shortly but am currently gathering all the information I can on this forum and on the web. Note that I already got a substantial amount of information of this game WOLF and will be posting a guide on it first then will LION. Also that I forgot to give credit to the people that I got the info from and apologies if you see your info.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCziha0TAHUa1vyKBeGaBHqA?view_as=subscriber

**EDIT - Already managed to make the guide.
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PostSubject: Wow, an actual forum poster   01/11/17, 09:21 pm


Kouga sent out an announcement for upcoming plans via the Discord chat recently, so it looks like the game is still under development. As for the community, it does seem pretty dead. :/

Nonetheless, if more screenshots come out, I think interest might pick up again. I did see some old DeviantArt screenshots before. I am not sure how many years ago that was, however.

Edit: The most recent screenshots are actually relatively recent, from 2016- March 2017.
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How is everything?
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