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 In case of missing dll/ocx files

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PostSubject: In case of missing dll/ocx files   22/02/11, 10:37 am

I testet it today on Windows Seven 64bit without Administrator-Rights.

1) You dont need to create a Shortcut of regsrv32.exe
2) If you say Windows "I have NO Permission to access the File" - It dont give you Permission !
2b) Otherwise it tells you: "Program or Device not found"
3) It works without modify the Permission on "Security"-Tab.

But it is Possible that the User Account isnt listed! Then the User have to add himself and set full Permission.

If the User is not listed: (I translated from german OS, i hope the Buttons are labeled right)
- Click on "Edit" at the "Security"-Tab.
- Click on "Add" (Show on one of the Screenshots)
- The Window "Choose User and Groups" should open.
- Click on "Advanced"
- Click on "Search now"
- Choose your Account on the List below. (You can mark more as one Account, add it with pressing Enter)
- Click on "OK"
- Now your Account is added into the List. Dont forget to set Permission !

You should now have: "Administrator/(s), SYSTEM, and your Account" in List.
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PostSubject: Re: In case of missing dll/ocx files   26/10/12, 11:45 am

After you've given the permissions to that exe, you can drag not registered dll/ocx files on it.
They will be registered in the system so it knows where to find them. It's supposed to work after that.

Oh, one thing:
If there's something like "erfolgreich" in the text of the following message, you've successfully registered the file. Try again to run the client after re-starting your system (just in case). Why I didn't include an english exe-file? I don't have any. ^^ I'm using a german version of win7. If someone has the english one don't hesitate to pm me Very Happy
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In case of missing dll/ocx files
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