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 WOLF Online FAQs

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PostSubject: WOLF Online FAQs   WOLF Online FAQs Icon_minitime31/12/09, 06:57 pm

UPDATED ON 03/01/2010
by Inuyasha22

1. Is WOLF Online another version of WOLF?
No, technically it is not. It is not made by the same team of people, and it doesn't use the same engines to make the game. WOLF Online does however, use the graphics and concepts from WOLF and make them bigger and better.

2. Is WOLF Online the "little brother" to WolfQuest?
WO is not related to WQ to any way whatsoever. We strive to let players simulate a more actual attempt at wolf life. We won't overly censure to much in a way that it hinders online play.

3. Am I able to name my little pups?!
No, you won't. WO is completely multiplayer and as such, pups are played by actual people around the world. So they will get to name their own character. If WO is successful, we may make a singleplayer version of it, but at this point, that is what WOLF is for.

4. Can I be a lone wolf or change what pack I'm in?
You can be whatever you want in WOLF Online; pup, adult, male, female, loner, pack member, alpha, omega, whatever. You get to live or die by your own choices.

5. Where is the download?! I can't find it!
The game is currently not completed. We are hoping for a release toward the middle of next year.

6. I hate 2D graphics! Will they hurt my eyes?
WOLF's graphics are actually some of the best out there. Most of our members have had to stare at them for long periods of time to rip and whatnot. We have suffered no ill affects and get annoyed when people complain otherwise. Eyes hurting happens from the backlight in the computer screen or rapid flashing of lights on the screen.

7. Can I customize my wolf?
Yes, you will be able to choose almost all options about your wolf. You can choose their howling pitch, their names, their speed, their defense, their strength, their age, and their parents. About the color, yes you will be able to choose the color, but if you are a pup, you will be black (at this point) Don't think anything is wrong, all pups will be black. It is something that is needed at this point for actions like carrying. But your coat will change when you become an adult.

8. What do I do in WOLF Online?
You will be able to be a wolf that joins a pack or stays alone. You can hunt, find a mate, ascend the ranks in a pack, interact with adults and pups, raise other players who are pups, fight of threats from other packs and predators, and much more.

9. Will my packmates follow me around like in WOLF, and will they be able to hunt the way I want them to?
Wolves are played by other real players. Therefore, they will be able to act however they want. Players will be able to follow whoever they want. They may want to stay in good favor with their alphas though, as the lead male and female have the power to kick players out of the pack together. So if they don't want to get kicked out, players will probably listen to their leaders and do whatever they say.

10. What minimum requirements does Wolf Online have?
Currently it's tested and working with those:
- Flash (it's not required in the regulary sense, you won't be able to view the flashs
ingame without it. You can disable the flash movies, but it'll take some sphere from the game)
- Internet Connection with DSL2000
- Intel Pentium 4 with 2 Ghz
- 512 MB memory (a.k.a. RAM)
- onBoard Graphics chip or seperate Card
- onBoard Sound chip or seperate Card
About the onBoard things; chips have the habit of being not as good as seperate cards.
For the tests were used some lower-standart chips emulated by "Virtual PC".
Everything above will work too, below is no guarantee that it won't stutter.
Though it's possible it'll run smoothly on even weaker hardware but that'll have to be tested.
Your DSL should AT LEAST have 2000 kbit/s so WO doesn't lag on your side.

11. Will there be a Mac Version?
If we find out how to compile the exe for mac-systems then: Yes. Otherwise: No.

12. What operating system is needed?
Wolf Online works the best on Windows XP. Vista has been tested and it's possible to run WO on it,
if you know how to register the needed files. On Windows 7 it's not tested yet, but previous versions
of the engine work on Win7.
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WOLF Online FAQs
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