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 Wolf Introductions.. For fun?

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This is fun!
 24% [ 4 ]
It's terrible and boring.
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It's okay.
 12% [ 2 ]
I don't like it.
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I like it!
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I don't know
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PostSubject: Wolf Introductions.. For fun?   20/04/11, 10:37 pm

Hi ^^ I don't know why, But I just wanted a Wolf Introduction topic... For you to liek, Introduce yourself and stuffz like that....

Just.. Well, Explain/introduce yourself in this topic Neutral

Copy and paste this for your form.. Delete all texts in parenthesis except for ones you make yourself.
[b]Name: [/b](Can be in-game or forum)
[b]Wolf: [/b](Your in-game wolf, optional)
[b]Personality [/b]
[b]Tactic(s): [/b] (How you play/hunt)
[b]Description: [/b] (Idk?)
[b]Picture: [/b] (Optional, This isn't a roleplay...)
[b]Other: [/b]

Scarikas' introduction/example:

Name: Scarikas
Wolf: Rumour
Personality: Playful, Very defensive of Packmembers and pups.
Tactic(s): She has a water hole by her pack den, She goes to Caribou 5-6 kilometers away (scent numbers) and herds it back to her den and kills it there. She barely ever eats from old carcass's she didn't kill herself
Description: She lives in the plains. Light grey. Has one female pup named Promise, Newborn. Dark-grey like her father, And one Light-grey male named Miracle. Her mate is Muzzlelad, Dark-grey alpha male who is barely ever around. They have 1 exess wolf who is the Beta female named Sunspot. She is the same age as the alpha male, Muzzlelad, And the alpha female, Rumour. They are all 4 years and 0 months. The pups are newborns so they are 0 years and 0 months. They always stay in 15 kilometers of thier pack den. Rumour herself is usually 5-6 kilometers in max away from her den unless she's looking for Muzzlelad. She kills mammals around the watering hole 0 kilometers from thier pack den and watches the pups closely and barely ever leaves thier territory even a little.
Picture: None
Other: None

Well, I hope you like it. Vote on the poll
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PostSubject: Sure, I'll join in. xD   20/04/11, 11:31 pm

Name: Ari
Wolf: Hexed from Wind
Personality A kind and bold alphess. She adores her pups and would do anything to protect them. Ari is extremely compassionate, but when she is defending her territory or her nerves are shot, her temper rises. She is a born fighter and huntress.
Tactic(s): Usually Moa hunts for her now, but before her pregnancy, Ari and Moa would usually hunt down deer or wounded caribou. Having only two members, they didn't usually try for moose or oxen.
Description: Ari has a sleek, dense silver coat. Her fur is medium length, which is perfect for her timber climate. Her mate, Moa, had had a strong pack of five before three of them passed away from starvation. (You can read more in Ari's Hope) When she became pregnant, she stayed near the den before giving birth to two wonders--Derramme and Voile. They would replace the three wolves they lost. They are currently living in a clam, hunter-free spring.
Picture: --Maybe Later.
Other: Her mate is Moa (Hexed from Surge).
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Danny Phantom Fan

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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Introductions.. For fun?   20/04/11, 11:47 pm

Personality: A strong bold alpha male protective of his 3 wolf pack. No pups yet but it will be season in 4 months.
Tactics: stays near water and food, doesnt really hunt scavanges.
Description: A red brown pelt is not good camoflauge for his climate, the Arctic. though he lives with his mate and hardly ever sees the beta, he is a very happy male and a strong , loyal, alpha.
Picture:http://i54.tinypic.com/2jfccyd.jpg Copy and paste it to the search bar.
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Introductions.. For fun?   21/04/11, 01:44 am

Name: Taru
Wolf: Taru; Hexed from Drifthowl
Personality Taru finds enjoyment in being playful and spontaneous. She prefers to not let the world worry her too much. Friendly towards others while not putting too much trust or emotional investment into the relationship, the female does not allow others to attach themselves to her in anyway. Her history is what caused her to become rather skeptical of forming bonds with other wolves. Even though she does not wish to form links with wolves, Taru loves to play around and enjoys goofing off. She feels as though she can interact with others, without forming incredibly strong bonds with them.
Tactic(s): During the winter months, when Taru's pack has no pups to care for normally, she completely abandons her den area. She may go off by herself months at a time, leaving her pack to stay near the unoccupied den. The female, being the most skilled hunter in her small pack, hunts alone on the very outskirts of the Timber Region her pack dominates. When it comes time for pups, prey levels will be depleted in the outskirts, but thriving near her den. This provides excellent hunting areas close to her den and time while she cares for her pups, for the levels of prey in the outer areas to restore themselves. Taru's tactic of developing her prey levels is crucial to maintain the health of her territory.
Description: A display of greys, blacks, and whites, this female's pelt is rather plain. She has no unnatural patterns or colors. The upper half of the wolfess is a dark grey, but not black color. It fades gradually to dull white around her face and chest, also flowing along her belly and some of her tail. The fur then darkens as you reach her paws. Rather small in build, Taru relies on her petite form for speed and agility. Her legs are taller than most, giving her the height of a small male, but not nearly as much muscle bulk. She is slender and swift, but falls short on the strength side.
Picture: http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/9812/taruh.jpg
Other: Her pack consists of 8 wolves. Taru, the dominant female, and her mate, Canis, the dominant male. Their beta male, Cepheus, is old and bitter, sometimes disregarding the dominant pairs authority. Last adult member, Silverback, is the old omega. She holds no dominance, rarely eating and wilting like a flower who's time is up. The female is slow and rarely hunts, mostly lying around in the warmth of the sun, quelling the aching of her fragile bones. Her memories are all she has, of her time as leader with her partner Cepheus. The last four members, are Taru's newest litter of offspring. Cherokee and Axel, her strong male pups and Affi with Cheyenne, her playful female's. Only two months old, the pups still stay near the den, whining for food when their mother returns.

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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Introductions.. For fun?   31/03/12, 01:46 am

Personality:Fang is a brave kind wolf and very adventurus.He Rather Eat Elk because its his favorite food.Fang Has Not Mated Yet,But The Alpha Female Wont Come mate with him.He is Very Kind To the Omega Because hes brave and loyal, he never attacks me.There Was One Wolf who hated Fasthowl,Centurus Hated FastHowl,FastHowl Wanted to kill centurus.fast howl is a playful wolf and he is very younge his age is 1 year and 9 mouths. he likes the alpha female but the alpha female dont like him.he cares about his back and so do the pack mates.we are a loving pack. our pack is name after the Brave And Bold Pack. we are brave.fasthowl can be very mean to some pack members when they keep attacking.fasthowl is look forward having pups. and so do rumour,gast howl is playful and likes to be the leader , his pack wakes up before him he always wakes up last, rumour barked and woke me up i smiled at her and atlast we mated wee have 3 years untill we have pups
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Danny Phantom Fan

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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Introductions.. For fun?   31/03/12, 12:25 pm

Name: Rumour
Wolf: Rumour
Personality: Wise, strong, brave, willing to die for her packmates and children, secretly scared of water.(Lawl)
Tactic(s): Never leaves the pack den unless almost starved, sleeps at the pond right next to the pack den, so she never has to move for water. Never hunts unless it's a rabbit or beaver, only hunts those still in times of extreme need.
Description: Silver, lithe, powerful hind legs, sharp teeth, brown and black markings, blue eyes, cream nose.(This is how I imagine Rumour.)
Picture: http://i41.tinypic.com/29dizqe.jpg
Other: Her mate is Longtooth, beta is Shadow, has four pups, males= Thomassen and Biyak Females=Nina and Jessica. Pic of the Family- http://i41.tinypic.com/2qn8fx0.jpg

Ok, sorry for the Centarus one.....This is a new and true one. And NO, I DID NOT COPY OFF OF SCAR! This is my only save file.

Picture showing is deleted, if they stretch the page do not do them in [img][/img] Use links next time.

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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Introductions.. For fun?   20/04/12, 12:40 pm

Name: Centuries
Wolf: Hephaestus (hexed from IWolfNameII or whatever it was x3)
Personality Hephaestus is a strong, calm alpha male. He is mated to Moonlight. They are the only two members in the pack and they are waiting for mating season. Hephaestus is bold and likes to do his own thing.
Tactic(s): Go on autoplay until mating season. Mate. Go on autoplay until pups are born. Say 'Hi!' and name them. Go on autoplay until mating season. Mate. And you get the idea.
Description: Hephaestus is a whitish-gray male wolf.
Other: Has been shot several times by hunters, but is still going strong.

Last edited by Centuries on 29/05/12, 12:10 am; edited 1 time in total
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Texture Designer

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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Introductions.. For fun?   20/04/12, 05:38 pm

Name: Auroura
Wolf: Auroura
Personality: won't back down to any preditor or wolf unless its a hunter, she loves to cuddle with her pack, she is very strong, she is a fast runner, she is a skilled hunter, she is comforting.
Tactic(s): she corners her prey and her and her pack chase it close to the den to kill it then they howl in victory, then after the kill they always mark the territory.
Description: Auroura has medium pure white fur she has a dark black nose she has hazel color eyes she has a big bushy tail and a soothing voice (my opinion)
Picture: I don't have a picture but she is close to Aria in the wolf with the blue eyes. ( you can find the series on youtube)
Other: her mate Alayace hexed from Fasthowl, her beta Seere hexed from Centaurus, her pups Wolfen, Meeko, Autumn. She lives in the Timber Region the river is close to the den and food is close but its mostly beavers and rabbits or scavanging but sometimes there is a herd of Elk thats comes and stays for awhile, she has had a hard past that brings her to tears when she thinks about it.
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PostSubject: My name is Moxy   19/05/12, 10:59 am

I am Moxy.
] I am a very sweet wolf who always tries to find the best of people. I am very sensitive when people are mean. I am very good at hunting because I am fast and small. I always have many wolf friends because I am the popular wolf. Everyone almost is my friend. I like to Howl because my Howl is beautiful. I like to play race and tag games. I hunt by creeping up on small game and pouncing with lightning speed. I mostly eat small game like mice, rabbits, and birds/geese. I am a beautiful teen aged wolf who is pure white and smoothed furred. I have bright sparkling blue eyes, and love to curl my fluffy tail like a husky, just less curly. My paws have white sharp and glint but are medium length. I have dazzling white fur that shines on sunny days. I like to always be surround myself with friends. PM me if you want to be a friend of mine. (As an RP for wolves)
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Introductions.. For fun?   

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Wolf Introductions.. For fun?
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