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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitime20/07/11, 07:04 am

Too bad I actually have to do this but there are some people who actually spam here.
So read carefully, it might prevent your post from getting deleted in the instant I see it.

1. Write in your best English.
- I know, not everyone has a perfect English and might prefer another language.
So try your best, use signs as a ' . ' at each sentence's ending, use ' , ' to part main sentence and
side-sentence. Most important; do NOT use another language in a forum clearly english.

2. Flaming is okay but don't make an Inferno of it.
- I think this explains itself. Google 'Flaming' to find out what I mean by it.

3. If you dare to hack the forum you're banned faster than you can say 'help, I can't login anymore'.

4. Make sure you post into the correct categories.
- An adventure story shouldn't be in Support and you can't seek help for WOLF in the LION forum.
Just two out of many not-matching examples. Oh, and also, we do not have a SPAM category yet
so keep those "WoW Gold" and "Diablo so-and-so" posts out of the picture, okay?

5. Follow the rules or carry the consequences.
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Forum Rules
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