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 Lions mating outside of Pride

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PostSubject: Lions mating outside of Pride   10/08/12, 05:56 am

I'm tempted to say this is Research in the works, but I'm not sure if its completely classified as Research, or any of the above- So Sorry if its the wrong category. ^^

Okay, so.. When I first started playing LION (Only a few days ago.. Actually, Teehee) I kept getting Bob, because of his stats, but kept dieing before I could manage to get some Lionesses (I think I read somewhere you could take over a pride, so that's what I was attempting to do.. Hyena's.) so eventually I just took Hercules and his pride, because it was ready and already stocked.

Well I died a few times with his pride too, but this isn't what I'm saying.. I know I saw in a topic that you can't (From what I perceived) mate a Lion to another pride's lioness/Nomad, so I was slightly curious if it could be the opposite, and you could get cubs from your lioness, from another pride's male. So, I took Tanga (Actually I think I first started trying this with Utendi.. Or maybe Zulu, but I forgot and decided Tanga would be good) I've been mating Tanga to just the other pride's male (Who happens to follow my Pride around and stay very close, mingle a 'lil bit, which I found funny that they didn't like.. fight or something)
Hercules is injured anyways, from trying to kill them (Before I decided Tanga would be "HEY LOL CUBS?!")

I'm thinking she -May- Be pregnant, (but then again I read that is was hard to get cubs) because he isn't willing to mate with her as much (I still don't think its been enough times to even consider though, so I'm going to try harder)

But my curiosity is peaked- Has anyone been able to conceive cubs with an outside the pride male?

EDIT: I fast forwarded the days after about 20 days of mating and guess what? Two cubs were running around! :'D

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PostSubject: Re: Lions mating outside of Pride   31/10/12, 04:41 am

Wow! That's amazing. ;u;

I didn't know you could do that, this definitely makes the game more interesting. >u<

I'm using Jinja for my main game a the moment and mated -several- times. lD
Can't wait to get cubs.
I just started the game today and got the hang of playing. Murr hurr.
MUCH more fun the WOLF in my opinion. Even if it has no sound <3 Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Lions mating outside of Pride   31/10/12, 08:25 am

xD Too bad prides AND packs are limited... that'd be awesome if the lion pride could be bigger than 6...
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PostSubject: Re: Lions mating outside of Pride   02/11/12, 12:46 am

That would be awesome! .o. To have a pride, or pack as you said, larger.

Would certainly make hunting a breeze.
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PostSubject: Lol   28/11/12, 02:13 am

I have done this before except with Mau Mau(Who tends to be the most 'active' in my game...) Anyways, I followed around a group of males, making the pride between Bob and her, quickly killing Bob off and then having her mate with another prides males. Soon after, I have no idea how cause I heard the same thing, but she was pregnant and had cubs. Of course, I was new to the game and dealing with cubs, they died with Mau Mau. It was sort of... Funny though.
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PostSubject: Re: Lions mating outside of Pride   

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Lions mating outside of Pride
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