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 Wolf Online - Changelog - 15/09/2013

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Wolf Online - Changelog - 15/09/2013 Empty
PostSubject: Wolf Online - Changelog - 15/09/2013   Wolf Online - Changelog - 15/09/2013 Icon_minitime22/08/12, 04:53 pm

+    added
-     removed
*     fixed
~    Thinking about it

Started on: 28/08/2008 (so many 8's!)
- I know I messed up the date. -

T o - D o  L i s t
~ Connecting AI-Cores
~ Multiplayer-Mode will be the next step after release.
~ Create a SDK, which includes Editors and an entry in the dev-database.

C h a n g e l o g
+ Rendering the sprites now. Let's just stick with them being awesome.Basketball 

* A little eye-candy; the sprites will look a little different once they're rendered, but the following will give a slight preview of what's to come.
Wolf Online - Changelog - 15/09/2013 Foxy10

* Improved performance a lot. What isn't visible isn't rendered anymore.
#ironic#Surprisingly#/ironic# sped up the game ...
~ Finally some update again.. had some fun with GV's Lif. Now they got a bot guarding the game from hackers.
~ About to upload the new version. Waiting for bug-reports after that.

+ Alternative menu in case the player is clicked
+ Option to change between clicking- and keyboard-mode. They won't work simultaneously! lol!
~ When I get the hang of android-wrappers we'll have some mobile fun with WO.
This will be a premium app I can and will sell. Be prepared.

* Again fixed the poses. Also implemented example prey (big).
- No more animated idle since that seemed to cause problems with vanishing creatures.
~ Preparing a working ecosystem by calculating the perfect values.

* Fixed Pose-Sounds.. Since calling does work now, the other poses and their sounds will be played in synch with the animation. Neat, eh?
* Finished the test-spriteset for the player. What else beside the wolf from WOLF could it be ;D?
* Ring menu will center on the clicked creature instead of the cursor now.
+ Other creatures will react if you call. By calling back. If they're your kind.
+ Dominating against another creature provokes it. If it starts to dislike you, your character will either flee or fight, depending on the power.
+ Submitting against a packleader might make you part of the pack. Or get you attacked. Depending on the like-level of the leader.
+ Playing will cause the creature closest to you to play too!
~ Also trying to acquire WolfQuest's source these days.. if that works, we'll have some more fun ;D

+ Introducing our new fileformat, .tex! :PIt will protect your graphics from being stolen! Haha.. Let's see when it's cracked, shall we?

+ Visual GUI is ingame and can be changed anytime.
* Sprites are centered now. What's important about it? ;)They won't look misplaced anymore.
* Creatures can't be killed in their sleep anymore. At least not while they STAY asleep...

+ Ring Menue. Smile
Wolf Online - Changelog - 15/09/2013 Untitl10

+ When cubs are born, you have to decide if you want to take one as your character.
This only happens, when your current creature is old enough (1/2 of it's life time)

* Fixed some trouble with the hunting behavior...
+ Players can improve their creature using the Score now.
+ Score will also decide if you can take over a pup when you die.
+ Defeating the same-gendered leader of a pack will make you the leader
of this pack. But only if you didn't already have a pack!
+ When taking over the pack, you now get the mate and the cubs, too!
~ Bought a book about Game Design.. <3 That's where I get some of the ideas to come.

* Carnivores are hunting now. When there's no prey around they will walk a bit, then try again.
+ Introducing the Enviromental System which enables to change the balance on start-up. Non-graphical.
+ Wind will raise or lower your chance to smell prey.

* Creatures are creating packs now.
* Food-Finding Algorhitm is working again.. partly. o_O Why do they run to 0,0 before chasing prey..?

* Improved AI Performance again.. Simplified the cores in the process.
* Pack-AI is working now.
* Population-Growth doesn't cause a crash anymore..
~ Made a mindmap to keep track of the AI.. it's getting complex o.O

* Computer-Controlled Creatures do mate now and give birth to cubs, which grow up and do the same.
* Father will care about his family, IF they use a den.
+ Multi-Save Feature
+ Unlimited Creature-/Pack-Count.

* Improved AI-Idle.
* Simplified AI-System, preparing for MyScript-Routine for own cores.+
for a male, preventing mixes in different strengths.
* NPCs get mates, maybe (!) get pregnant (based on MateChance) and give birth to
a random count of cubs when he birth season arrives.
* Cubs leave their mother when growup season starts.
+ Ai-Realism. Females can either check for nothing, nutrition or species when looking.
Also prevents inbreeding when above level 1.

* Creatures now react to the player's cursor. Aggressive ones attack, the others flee.
* Removed unneeded checks. The AI should be a bit faster now.
* Hunters (the human ones) will flee when hurt enough
* If a creature has a mate, both will flee when one is attacked. Or both attack you.

* All creatures should be able to find food and water now.
+ System to prevent overlapping.
+ Objects can be both now; food and water.
+ Objects can have negative food/water values, causing the creature to lose water/food.
+ Objects can cause damage to the creature who eats/drinks from it.
+ Config.ini: Contains world-radius, object-count per screen and creature-count

* Now the sane predators work too. :)Finds prey, chases after it, kills it and eats from the carcass. Idles after that. Mate-finding bugs still. If no results are available it'll go into a semi-endless loop of try-and-fail.
* Distance to den/water is visible now.
* Mating now works even after mate died.

* Nice breakthrough :)The hunter-AI found that prey-AI standing next to it. Finally some progress!
The next step will include pasting that working code to the one other hunter-AI (the one that's not
killing everything on sight) and making sure the fleeing AI works too.
+ Hardcoding the AI, because it couldn't be extended with the original methods.
~ Actually implemented a human-typed AI.. we're bad. Killing without hunger,
~ killing, without getting tired at all Sad... oh, I'm looking forward to the final version Very Happy

* If there's no den, but such is required by species-config, no cubs will be born  No
* Seperated the bigger list of AI-actions into three smaller ones for speed's sake.
~ There actually suddenly spawned 3 cubs.. seems I fixed something without realizing again...

* If current season is not player's mating-season, the possible mate will flee.
* Posings work once again... seems the save-file was damaged =_=
+ Implemented Landmark-system, seen in WOLF. Press M to find water or the den Smile
+ Animated Objects are working now.
+ Ingame-Rating in form of Scores, given for various causes.
If you eat while being not hungry, it will take points, eat while hungry and you get some!
May or may not have a further use in the future.
+ Cubs stay at the den, when mother's species UseDen=1
+ Cubs will follow mother when UseDen=0

* Building a den is stable now.
* Territories can be marked, aren't of use yet though
* Coding for cubs being born at their parents' den is done, testing comes with the cub-tests.
+ Ponds are placed now. They're quite rare though
+ Eatable objects relieve hunger.. but just as much as defined in it's ini Wink

- Removing packs for NPCs. Saves memory, saves calculations and saves nerves
+ Connected genome-system to creatures. Cubs will be born with properties by both their parents now.
+ Dead NPCs are shown as such. You can eat from them and they vanish when the carcass is eaten.
+ Plant-eaters can eat plants now.
* Cubs are born in the Birth Season for each species seperately.
* Mating will be between same-species only (it's just too weird if not)
* While waiting for the pack-name, the game will stop. Only music and background-sounds will be played, while animations go on. Time is stopped, AI is stopped.
* Saved a huge part of the changelog to mediafire.

* Collision-Detection is working perfectly now (seems masses can be taken too, as long as there aren't 999 npcs on the same screen. This might slow-down the game a little..). Objects and creatures get semi-transparent, when they're touched. I want to blit everything according to their positions, but I doubt this'll work in a clean way.
~ Tested AI. Found it cute how the black box (for testing) walks around randomly and starts running once attacked

* Added humor to the game. No, joke aside, the engine HAD it to begin with... Playing just the right background music at just the right moment  Rolling Eyes Shorter: NPCs attack now and are able to kill. Still thinking if they should respond the the player only or to other NPCs as well, first method being a lot faster.. otherwise.. the engine is quite fast as it is...
* Did some more testing and found the ini-system to be working.
- Removed collision detection. Instead, objects and creatures become half transparent. Looks better, plays better, lags less.

* The engine is running on ini-files right now. The editors will be made available to donators in any case.

* Removed option for framesize. This allows for more optimising and, in fact, speed.
+ Extending modding capabilities. Re-Introducing INI-File usage. Will slow down boot-up process but provides easy editing.

* Fixed a whole lot of bugs that made the game impossible to even start up.
* Mate is following again. Missed to tell the mate to follow =_o
+ Basics for Dens are coded.
~ Signed up for a remote course -> Visual Basic.net. Yes, read correctly.
~ The Engine uses 425 Mhz to run.
~ Memory usage starts at around 35MB, slowly rising.......

* Collision Detection SOMEWHAT works. Not too reliable yet though...

+ Background Music is randomly playing
+ Seperate Hue for Male/Female
* Interacting/attacking creatures is fool-proofed now.

* Further reduced the chance for recurring patterns. In fact, it looks good and causes less CPU usage.

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Wolf Online - Changelog - 15/09/2013
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