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 Darwin's World - Changelog - Closed

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Darwin's World - Changelog - Closed Empty
PostSubject: Darwin's World - Changelog - Closed   Darwin's World - Changelog - Closed Icon_minitime03/11/12, 11:42 am

+ added
- removed
* fixed
~ Thinking about it / Planning

- For further news, look in Wolf Online's changelog, because both games joined -

C h a n g e l o g
* World and Creature-Positions save again.
+ Objects can have offspring now, too! It's kinda unbalanced though and it costs performance.

+ Graphical part of the sense-system is working now. Even detection works!
* Detection for many creatures works. The algorhitm checked for the creature-slot instead of their kind...
* Seeing works out, too. Just like WOLF!
* Fixed Creature-System a bit.
- Removed Genetics. They themselves are no problem, using them IS.
~ Hearing will be based on the creatures themselves. Their poses use sounds after all.

+ Senses GUI
+ Player Sense (differs from AI methods)
~ x.x Creature-System crashed... no sprites are visible!

* Senses seem to be working. Smell doesn't use wind yet for some reason.

+ Code for senses is written. Tests will follow. This will be one of the biggest additions.
+ Gave each NPC a voice as seen in WO (it's just more useful Razz)
* Re-constructed NPC System. They'll be stored seperately inside a folder now instead of clogging the TheWorld-file.

+ Senses are developing.
~ I think I've forgotten why I started Darwin's World in the first place...
~ There's so much to add to WO now that it seems slightly outdated...

* Apparently fixed that location bug.

+ Sound-System is working alright.
* No more useless memory waste for loading too many sounds
~ Not so exact... Something's missing.

Well, it hasn't. But my operating system needed a reinstall..
+ Posing System is working. I really wonder why WO had such trouble back then...
+ Input System is new and fresh.. and working.. o_O'
* AI wasn't moving. Now it is. And attacking. And killing - to use the word of the day...

The world has gone down...

+ Pack-AI works now. Creatures will follow the leader. Leader is the only one reacting to potential danger.
Improves the AI a lot since the script isn't running 12000 times at most anymore but, let's see, 120 times?
(If 12000 creatures run around in the world.. this won't happen.)
+ So are loners which seperated from the pack.
+ Prey can get away.
* Finally got some clean AI system. You even may define behavior for each kind of other creature this one might run into
(not nums though, I spared the engine that much memory usage)
* Seasons are not checked every 0,025 seconds anymore.
~ xD Wolf Online will love this...

* Map-Editor is working better now.
* Object-Editor works again.
* Placing Objects by click doesn't result in an object at a wrong location anymore.
+ Optimised memory usage. There won't be more usage than use anymore.
~ Planning to implement INI-Config today.

- Removed Tile-System. We'll be using 1024x1024 Textures for now. Saves memory en masse <3
+ New option in Season-Editor: Ground-Texture. You define when the winter starts ;P

* Fixed some more AI...
+ Added more AI options to the NPC editor. Want to have a look?

Back again, some stress taking it's toll but it's better now. Smile
* Sprites are animated while moving and are not when not moving.
* Follow-AI has it's problems as it seems... Still.

* Reworking the algorhitm to decide the moving speed. Getting close to WOLF's algorhitm I think =D
Camera now follows the creature.
+ Basic GUI is implemented and shows SP and HP now. (if I say basic, I mean something with no texture at all)

+ Directional cursor is ingame now. It turns all black randomly though... wtf...

+ Scrolling System is working Smile Took me four days to get it to, though..
* Scrolling stops at the world-border now. So does the creature which follows the cam.
* Tested follow-AI for multiple creatures.. looks lovely when the whole pack follows one single creature.

* Gave a new name to the project; "Darwin's World" ... creative, isn't it?
+ Virtual Genetics System is ingame now. Razz Cubs follow Mendel's rules. A bit. They also follow their nose...
~ Something's fishy... <.< the engine stopped lagging!

+ Added basics to scrolling
+ There's one big map now.. it's ground gets randomized each time the game starts. Ironically it's faster than loading the map file..

* Improved the Follow-AI. NPCs won't run through their target anymore.
* Fixed Cub-AI.
* Also fixed Pack-AI.
+ Time-System is working now. Daytime is recognized, everything from day to season is calculated too.
+ Added support for Cub-sprites (used when creature isn't adult yet)

+ Added Pack-AI, which makes NPCs follow the pack leader (IF they're in a pack, that is!)
+ Also added Cub-AI which is making young NPCs follow their 'parent'.
+ Added the last on-screen tips to the editors.

+ Cub form for each creature CAN be used, but doesn't have to be.
Frame-count has to be the same as adult's. Other values will be halfed.
+ Added on-screen tips to some editors. The leftover editors will follow.
* Further improved the editors in both, visual and usage stats.

+ Ambient Light is working now, but the light is too intense yet.

+ Weather System is working now.
Yes, I revamped the code and did NOT copy from Wolf Online. It's from scratch Razz
+ Editors for Weather and Seasons

+ Finally set up an own changelog for Wolf Online's little brother.
* Fixed some nasty bugs and also cleaned the code of unused stuff.
* Creatures are using their RGB values now.
~ I'm thinking about reconstructing Wolf Online as soon as this project works perfectly.
Right now, everything in this project seems so much better than the chaos in WO...

+ Added Collision system to the test engine... ... wolf online will profit from this. Very much.
~ Do I have to mention that I've been sitting on this since 10/28/2012? XD
~ Whatever. It's working now. That's all that counts. Not my headache, not my sleep-deprivation xD

+ Added basics of the collision system.
~ What happened between 10/18 and 10/28?
~ Basic stuff like the tile engine for the ground, programming the editors and a little bug fixing

"Project X", my desperate try to improve my programming skills, starts now.
Everything is made from scratch.

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Darwin's World - Changelog - Closed
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