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 New to wolf...

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PostSubject: New to wolf...   New to wolf... Icon_minitime09/02/13, 04:11 am

Ok, so How do i fight the alpha? How do I attack?
How do I hunt?
I watched the video thing on it, But i'm still confused.
Any tips for a beginner would be awesome :3
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PostSubject: Re: New to wolf...   New to wolf... Icon_minitime09/02/13, 01:42 pm

Why dont you look round the sight first? It offers more help. But to your questions (This is just simple help.):

Hunting: You hunt by pressing 'n' and the scent's will come up with pictures of animals, hunters etc. Find some prey, and well, hunt! Only if its a hare or beaver though, (If your on your own in the hunt) otherwise you need other pack members to help you hunt. This means prey like: deer, elk, caribou etc.

Fighting: Just click on the wolf you wish to fight with, (It has to be the same gender as you) and there will be something saying: 'Do you want to challenge?' click 'yes' and there will be a fight scene. At the bottom left hand corner there will be a picture of a wolf. (Thats your wolf.) Near the end of its tail will be 3 boxes:
Red - Fight the wolf
Blue - Submissive actions. (Playing with the wolf. This can help for you to be friends, if they accept. But thats usually when your the Alpha or higher rank than them.)
Yellow - Run away from them, this means thee other wolf has won the fight. (Unless you just run away right at the beginning from the fight.)

This is just simple, so I hoped I helped! Sometimes its better to teach yourself, I did. So good luck!
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New to wolf...
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