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 Pups growing breaks game? PLEASE HELP

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PostSubject: Pups growing breaks game? PLEASE HELP    13/03/13, 12:19 am

So I finally got through all those months of raising them and then the second they grow up (7 months) the game is like okay yeah
but if you press anything then it breaks the game! D: Idk what happened

this is what the screen breaks into, but it changes to a different kind of broken each time. Did i corrupt something? ;;
help please!
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PostSubject: Re: Pups growing breaks game? PLEASE HELP    13/03/13, 01:07 am

Excuse me but (*laughs hard*) *cough* ...

So ehm Very Happy Sorry about that. Now, tell me... where does the savegame come from? Did you use a hacked savegame (however it was hacked might be of interest too if it is)? What version of the game itself are you using?

To me it looks like the file is damaged in some way.
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Pups growing breaks game? PLEASE HELP
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