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 [DEV] Wolf Online / Darwin's Words

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PostSubject: [DEV] Wolf Online / Darwin's Words   [DEV] Wolf Online / Darwin's Words Icon_minitime05/04/13, 12:02 am

Hello there!

This is the result of the previous 5 years of developing.
Don't mind the graphics, when the final release is online, you will be able to change them to whatever you want!

Wolf Online evolved a lot since the last revamp. It became a full-fledged simulation editor which enables you to create your own games in the style of WOLF. Well, at least kinda like it ;)Small differences will be unavoidable though. As seen in the pack system which essentially isn't existing anymore. You will raise young and they will leave the family when their time comes.

WO - Darwin's Words comes with a new weather system, new mapping and footstep sounds Wink

1) Download the game and unpack it with your favorite unpacker (zip is windows-native so you don't need such)

2) Start Engine.exe by double clicking.

3) Singleplayer -> new game.

4) Start testing <3 Mind that the game still has some quirks and needs to be fixed a lot, but I haven't found any more bugs. Play around with the settings and ini files. Do stuff! And don't forget to PM me any problems you encountered so they can be addressed properly.
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[DEV] Wolf Online / Darwin's Words
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