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 Before you ask, READ this!

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Before you ask, READ this! Empty
PostSubject: Before you ask, READ this!   Before you ask, READ this! Icon_minitime19/01/13, 10:30 pm

This is the current "Frequently asked questions"-topic.
Questions found in here were asked by other users and might reflect your problem.
If we found a solution, it will be written here. If the question is missing, you can open a new topic.
By the way, the topic is an on-going work.

Is is common that the Alpha female always follows the Alpha male?
- She usually does. Only to hunt or to care for her pups the female will leave the male's side.
Or if she is controlled by a player...

What about the beta male/female?
- Betas tend to follow the pack, but leave it more often.

The subordinates?
- They follow more often than not and only leave when starving.

The Omega?
- Is usually a lone wolf in the most verbal meaning.

The hex-layout for editing my wolf is different from the chart....
- This is most likely your hexeditor's fault. It's not bad, don't worry.
Just count the mentioned amount of bytes to the left, beginning from the first sign after your
wolf's name.

How do I get stronger in WOLF?
- Your wolf will reach it's strenght peak at about 3-4 years. After that the strength lowers each year.
Hunting might help, but don't overhunt...

How to become Alpha?
- Fight your way to the top of the pack. If that doesn't help, wait a while, then try again.
Sometimes pups are blocking your way to the top. You can't beat a mother after all... Maybe you can.
But it won't help you Smile

Any way to speed up the game?
- Press ALT + F12, keep F12 pressed. The lower the cpu cycles of DosBox are, the faster the game will run.
Careful though, because that can have undesired side-effects... (as untimely death by bullets)

How to unpack the game (WOLF)?
- Depending on the file you downloaded, you might either unpack it with Windows' own systems (zip) or Winrar / 7zip (rar, ace, etc).
Every other unpacking software is working, too.

How to mate?
- Your mate will come to you when the 9th month begins. If you're not alpha, outside the territory or hungry/thirst or in danger it won't though.

Will my pups still be born, if one parent dies?
- Yes. WOLF only saves if there was a mating, not who mated. Thus, your pups won't even look like you if you got bad luck Smile

im awesome and i know it
I got no sound in WOLF!
- Run the setup.exe in dosbox and play around with the sound-settings until it works.
Soundblaster or source usually works.

How to delete saved games?
- Go to WOLF's folder and search for SMA, SMP or SMF files. A is arctic, p is plains, f is timber. Delete them manually.

When do the pups grow up?
- When they reach 8 months of age.

How to save the game?
- Press space bar or right-click on the bar below the screen. Below your wolf you can find the "options" button.
Click it and you'll see the save-mask to the left.

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Before you ask, READ this!
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