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 Bob and Mozumba's tale

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Bob and Mozumba's tale Empty
PostSubject: Bob and Mozumba's tale   Bob and Mozumba's tale Icon_minitime30/05/12, 02:37 am

Bob (me) stole a pride by mating with a lioness (Mozumba), then fighting the other male lion. After that, my new pride moved away from that spot. Mozumba went into heat a few more times (hint hint). After 110 days went by (after mating), two cubs were born. One was a male, one was a female (soon, you'll know how I know which was which). The cubs stayed with us, and Mozumba, Bob (me) and Mau Mau (another lioness in the pride) protected them. One look at a person in zoom out, and we ran from the spot until we saw no humans. Then, on the 718th day, the lion cubs were no longer lion cubs, but mature lions. The male walked away as soon as he matured, but my female, now named Kalani, stayed. (if your wondering, that's how I knew that I had a male and a female) The female mature cub killed 4 hyenas and a herdsman, then she had a cub, and the cycle repeated itself.

More on the story here:
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Bob and Mozumba's tale
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