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 The Mara Pride.

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The Mara Pride. Empty
PostSubject: The Mara Pride.   The Mara Pride. Icon_minitime27/01/13, 06:06 pm

It was dry season in the serengeti, it was dry and hot. A strong male lion layed in the grass sunbathing, he opened his eyes slightly, then pulled himself up. It was Bob, he went over to the main river, he leaned over the slightly dried up river being careful not to get his paws wet. After drinking he wandered off, he walked past zebras but he wasnt hungry so he didnt bother with them. Bob stood still for a slight second, he caught the smell of three lionesses, he was close to see them, there wasnt a male, so it was an easy pride to take. Mau Mau walked up to him and they mated, then they became a pride. Maji kept an eye out for hyenas, and Kabaka was fast asleep. A week passed and this week was the hardest for the pride, they kept running from the hunters, and herdsman, but they also had little to eat. Maji was fed up with hunger, Kabaka and Maji thought of a plan to catch and kill a herdsman's cow, Mau Mau joined the plan. Night fell upon the serengeti, the herdsman fell asleep, and two big green eye shine of a lion peered out of the blades of grass, then more eye shine surrounded the herd of cattle, one eye blinked and the pride moved in, one cow spotted Maji and pawed at the ground, the herdsman jumped to his feet and Mau Mau distracted the herdsman, making it possible for Kabaka and Maji to chase a cow away, but nothing ever goes to plan. The herdsman cornered Mau Mau and forced her to attack the human, she jumped and killed the herdsman, which means they could kill the rest of the cows, and that is what they did, the first cow was eaten in minutes since they were very hungry and a lioness was pregnant, but once their food storage was empty they moved on, they went to the main river, they had enough prey that would last them. on the 109th day Kabaka trotted away from the pride, her belly was too big for her to run so she had to take her time, she found huge rocks that made a nice cave for her to have her cubs, as she was laying in the comfortable cave she caught a scent of hyenas, she tossed and turned, feeling nervous, and hopeing they wont find her. Bob walked towards the cave to make sure Kabaka was ok, but he smelled hyenas, and he ran to the cave, then the others followed. That night the pride slepted at the cave, until the peak of sunrise, then the pride moved on, leaving the lioness alone, they waited but there wasnt any cries of lion cubs, the pack of hyenas had already moved on, so they were no longer a threat. Bob was feeling nervous, he wanted cubs, but he soon doubted he was going to have any this year. That night nobody could sleep, because of disappointment. The very next morning Bob came back from a hunt and he heard one lion cub crying, he was jumping with joy, then he heard two more lion cubs crying, "THREE!" he said excited, but then Kabaka came out of the cave saying "Four" Bob felt like passing out, the other lionesses ran to the cave, their eyes twinkled as they watched the cubs, the lionesses would do anything in their power to ensure the safety of these four cubs.
The End!
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The Mara Pride.
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